Barking Lizards Technologies was established in 2001 by Drew Fisher. After years of R&D at large corporations and a 3 year stint with Edge of Reality Drew founded Barking Lizards Technologies (BLT) in Dallas Texas. BLTs first title was Activision Anthology for the PS2 but then BLT moved into the 1st generation mobile space. BLT partnered with China Mobile and created a distribution platform for GSM/GPRS mobile entertainment along with a series of games. This work led to both a great relationship with Nokia and the 1.0 version of our BLiTs(tm) networking platform.

The company began to grow in earnest from N-gage, mobile (J2ME/BREW) development along with GBA; that was entering it's end-of-life. As a result of our GBA work BLT established a great relationship with THQ and later EA in developing for all handhelds, Wii and PS2 games. Since the crash of financial markets in 2008/2009 Barking Lizards reduced its size and has been working to improve their platform and broaden its customer base. 2011 looks to be a great year for Barking Lizards.


Barking Lizards is on the hunt for experienced game builders of all types. We use our own proprietary technology as well as Unity for our projects. If you think you can handle an open company with great teamwork, talent and technology then send your information to info@barkinglizards.com. Please have plenty of references available.

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